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City of Kingston Brownfield Opportunity Area Nomination and Parking Study

River Street is preparing a Step Three nomination for the New York State Brownfield Opportunity Area for the City of Kingston, New York. The Nomination provides an indepth and thorough description and analysis, including an economic and market trends analysis, of existing conditions, opportunities, and reuse potential for properties located in the proposed Brownfield Opportunity Area with an emphasis on the identification and reuse potential of strategic sites that are catalysts for revitalization. The Nomination concludes with a description of key findings and recommendations to advance redevelopment of strategic sites and to revitalize the area. The primary project area of this study is the waterfront area of Kingston along Rondout Creek, from Block Park to the juncture with the Hudson River. Kingston is expected to be one of the first communities to achieve full designation under the program.

River Street is managing the project, coordinating all public involvement, facilitating the steering committee meetings, and drafting all required narrative sections of the nomination. We are also coordinating production of the strategy with NYS DOS and NYS DEC. This $75,000 project builds on River Street's highly regarded 2003 Waterfront Implementation Plan that received an Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association award for Outstanding Area Wide Plan under the Comprehensive Plan Category.