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City of Kingston Local Waterfront Implementation Strategy Program

The City of Kingston Local Waterfront Plan Implementation Strategy evaluated market opportunities and design issues related to redevelopment of sixty acres of land along the historic Rondout Creek. Kingston completed a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) in 1992 and this implementation planning effort was designed to accelerate plan implementation, facilitate remediation of environmentally contaminated properties, resolve local land use conflicts, provide improved access to the waterfront and stimulate significant new investment in the area to create new jobs and a stronger tax base for the City. The project was guided by a significant public involvement process that included close coordination with a project Steering Committee, a series of community meetings, individual meetings with waterfront business and property owners and a series of focus groups with key project stakeholders. Planning decisions were supported by extensive technical documentation including a detailed inventory and analysis of current conditions and an economic and market assessment, including a target industry analysis. The final product includes the identification of appropriate land uses and a preferred redevelopment alternative; recommended zoning changes and design guidelines to implement the selected redevelopment strategy; a detailed action plan to implement identified changes and improvements; and a marketing strategy to redevelop vacant or abandoned sites along the waterfront.