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Planning - Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Strategic Plan for the City of Oneida

The City of Oneida received a Community Development Strategic Plan Technical Assistance Grant application in 2000 from the Governor's Office for Small Cities for the development of a Strategic Plan for the Downtown Business District. Key issues identified by the City to be addressed in the Plan included: elimination of slums or blighting conditions in the downtown area; vacant and/or substandard buildings; creation of jobs and businesses in the downtown area; replace/rehabilitate aging infrastructure; and redevelopment of an abandoned industrial site into commercial office/light industry. River Street contracted with the City of Oneida to prepare the Strategic Plan. The resulting Strategic Plan report offers a planning strategy, demographic and economic analysis, detailed existing land use, building and streetscape/parking survey, and an implementation framework intended to stimulate greater opportunity for local residents through desired housing and community development, and revitalized community and public facilities necessary for the sustenance of the local and regional economies. Further, the report produces a detailed implementation strategy for the downtown business district and guides future concentrated community development activity in that target area. Specific sections of the report include: Market Study; Real Estate Inventory and Analysis; Streetscape/Zoning Analysis; Housing Needs Analysis and Survey; Interviews, Meetings & Merchant Survey; Master Conceptual Design Study; Action/Implementation Plan; and Funding Catalogue.