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Rensselaer County Community Housing Resource Board Housing Market Analysis and Feasibility Study

In response to the need to formally identify the County’s affordable housing needs, the Rensselaer County Community Housing Resource Board, Inc. (RCCHRB) commissioned River Street Planning & Development to conduct a housing market analysis and feasibility study of RCCHRB’s primary service area, Rensselaer County outside the City of Troy. The study was intended to provide a strategic view of housing needs throughout the County that would help the organization to effectively target its limited resources and state and Federal funds to those activities with the highest relative priorities. Major components of the study included an analysis of the existing housing supply, an assessment of the probable existing and future demand for different types of housing, and a telephone survey of municipal leaders, bankers, realtors, housing providers and community-based organizations. River Street also identified programs which may be used by RCCHRB to fund housing initiatives in rural areas and assessed potential strategies for future funding applications.