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City of Schenectady Zoning Ordinance

The Schenectady 2020 Vision Plan is a guide for the City's immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, and development. It is designed to reinforce Schenectady as a vibrant urban community. The plan was prepared during a two-year planning process, initiated after the City Administration and Council recognized that the City's fiscal challenges were forcing choices that should be informed by careful forward-looking planning. The Schenectady Vision Plan 2020 consists of a number of documents including a detailed community profile, eight neighborhood plans, a downtown plan, a policy-oriented city-wide plan, and soon, a new zoning ordinance. In addition to the development of the neighborhood plans, River Street identified three "Catalyst Projects" which included a full feasibility analysis, market analysis and preliminary site plan. As part of the Catalyst Project, River Street is analyzing the need for senior market rate housing and student housing in the Little Italy neighborhood; a transit-oriented development plan for the State Street corridor; and a major neighborhood development project for Mont Pleasant.