River Street Planning & Development

Planning - Program Implementation

Upstate Con-Strux - CDBG Small Cities Applications

River Street has worked with the Upstate Con-Strux, Inc. for many years to assist central New York communities to plan, finance, and implement a range of projects related to the rehabilitation of housing for low and moderate income homeowners and renters. Services have included data compilation, program design, and packaging of CDBG Small Cities grant applications to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Governor’s Office for Small Cities. Successful funding awards have included a total of $400,000 to the Town of Brookfield in 2007 as well as previous awards of $2.6 million between 1992-99; $800,000 to the Town of Plainfield (1993 and 1999); $800,000 to the Town of Sullivan; and $400,000 each to the Towns of Pitcher and Lenox and the Village of Bridgewater for targeted housing improvement programs. Each of these programs has been successfully administered by Upstate Con-Strux, improving substandard housing conditions and the overall quality of life for low income homeowners and renters in assisted communities.