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Corning Master Plan

River Street Planning & Development prepared the Master Plan for the City of Corning, New York. This effort was the first citywide planning effort undertaken by Corning. Following a devastating flood in 1972, the City has engaged in an enormously successful redevelopment effort for its downtown. The Master Plan builds upon that success, but emphasizes the City's residential neighborhoods and the role residents play in defining the future course of the City of Corning. The process crafted citywide and neighborhood visions, defined neighborhood boundaries and shaped a multi-year action plan for each neighborhood. The project emphasized collaborative public-private planning and used strategic partnerships to leverage five dollars of private support for every dollar of municipal commitment. Outreach for this community-driven plan included newsletters, focus groups, a community survey, neighborhood meetings, youth seminars, workshops and a project website. Specific objectives of the planning effort included: a strategy to improve City parks and create waterfront access and trails; preservation of community and historic character; parking solutions for the downtown; a strategy to meet market rate and affordable housing needs; downtown improvements; and a stronger neighborhood quality of life. The implementation plan has been built around a set of "catalyst projects" that will create the type of sustainable, high-value and amenity-rich redevelopment the City seeks.