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Cazenovia Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

River Street completed an Economic and Tourism Development Strategy for the Town and Village of Cazenovia, NY as part of a three-town comprehensive planning process. Based on Cazenovia's long-recognized historic character and the economic potential of historic preservation and heritage tourism, a key piece of this project element was the preparation of a detailed analysis of Cazenovia's efforts to identify, protect, enhance, promote and preserve their historic resources. This analysis included site visits, telephone interviews with representatives of Cazenovia, the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation, ArtPark, and others interested in the preservation of historic resources. In addition, River Street staff prepared a historical overview of historic preservation efforts in Cazenovia, analyzed heritage tourism data at Lorenzo and ArtPark, and reviewed National Register of Historic Places listings and local laws relating to the protection of historic resources and community character. Recommendations included adoption of a local historic preservation law; development of detailed design guidelines for new construction, infill, signage, landscaping, and formal architectural review procedures; establishing incentives to encourage the rehabilitation of older and historic buildings; and implementing a formal Main Street program.