River Street Planning & Development


Village of Waterford Downtown Revitalization Business Loan Fund

Waterford is a historically and architecturally unique community with a rich heritage. However, the physical condition of the Village's commercial and residential buildings and the streets connecting the waterfront areas to Broad Street were in need of improvements to make them more appealing to residents, business owners, potential investors and visitors. In response to this situation, River Street prepared an application to the NYS Environmental Protection Fund that secured a $165,000 matching grant to the Village for the preparation of design guidelines and implementation of various streetscape improvements within the Village's historic district. The Village contracted with River Street Planning to complete an intensive public education and outreach-oriented design phase that resulted in the development of design guidelines and streetscape improvements. Upon completion of these projects, River Street prepared an application to the Governor's Office of Small Cities and secured a grant for $400,000 for a façade improvement program and business loan fund for the Broad Street corridor. The Village contracted with River Street to administer the project and to provide credit analysis and loan management services.