River Street Planning & Development

Economic Development - Business Planning

Rensselaer County Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (REAP)

For more than a decade, River Street Planning & Development provided implementation support to Rensselaer County in the administration of its Community Development Block Grant funded microenterprise assistance program, known as REAP. This innovative program, designed by River Street principals, has become a model for similar programs being implemented throughout the state. The comprehensive program includes classroom training, direct technical assistance, and start-up financing for new business enterprises. In Rensselaer County, REAP has been enhanced by the development of a business incubator in a long vacant historic building located at one of the primary gateways to downtown Troy. The incubator is designed to increase the survival prospects of start-up companies. It offers low-cost space, shared equipment, on-site business development assistance, and a resource center for fledgling entrepreneurs.