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Economic Development - Cost of Services Analysis

Land use in a community affects taxes and ultimately the quality of life of community residents. Land use affects the size of local government, the types of services it offers, the types of equipment it must purchase, and the taxes and tax rates it needs to levy. Land use also affects the number of students in the local school district, the size and number of various school buildings, the number of teachers and facility employees, and the taxes and rates that the school district levies.

The Cost of Community Services (COCS) analysis typically focuses on how various types of land use affect local government taxation and spending. COCS studies do not provide a measure of the cost of development but rather they compare the outlay and influx of money to and from several general types of already-developed (or undeveloped) land within the community. Other approaches must be used to estimate the cost and fiscal impact of actual development. This is accomplished under a separate fiscal impact analysis which examines a number of potential or likely development scenarios that a community is likely to face in the future.


  • Local Municipal Budget Analysis
  • Local Tax Base Assessment
  • Research and Analysis of NYS Comptroller Reports