River Street Planning & Development

Planning - Comprehensive & Neighborhood Plans

River Street's work in comprehensive and neighborhood planning empowers local residents, is asset based, and results in unique and detailed action agendas to direct public and private investment.

Our approach to community planning is relatively simple - beginning with careful scoping we ensure timely completion and clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and deliverables. Early development of a thoroughly researched community profile shaped by considerable public input provides the basis for understanding community assets, opportunities and challenges. Regular meetings with the client, project stakeholders and community members are facilitated with the use of clear explanations and open discussion of issues. Finally, development of a detailed action plan and careful facilitation of the public endorsement and adoption process ensures that the municipality and its partners have a blueprint for implementation and success.

All documents that we produce are illustrated extensively with maps, graphs, sketches and photos that clearly convey highly technical information so that it can be easily and quickly grasped by non-technical audiences.

Our support for our clients does not end with the completion of the plan. Many of our clients choose to establish ongoing relationships with us, so that we can also assist in achieving plan goals by securing funding and providing other services to help ensure plan implementation.


  • Visioning Workshops
  • Neighborhood Assets Inventory
  • Community Profile
  • Civic Infrastructure Assessment
  • Boundary Definition
  • Local Leadership Capacity Building
  • Neighborhood Specific Action Plan