River Street Planning & Development

Planning - Waterfront Plans

River Street believes that waterfronts have the power to inspire, and they are key assets in many of our clients planning programs. Our approach focuses on creating vibrant activity centers, public access, water commerce and natural resource protection. The planning approach builds on well attended public workshops, an active steering committee and interactive design charrette(s) to ensure that citizen vision drives the future land use profile.

Our waterfront development work has included implementation strategies for South Troy, the City of Kingston, the City of Ogdensburg and intermunicipal waterfront revitalization plans for the Towns of Saratoga, Northumberland, Easton and Greenwich and Villages of Schuylerville and Victory, and the Town and Village of Waterford. Our waterfront revitalization work lead us to prepare guidebooks for the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources on the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and on strategies to encourage adaptive reuse of brownfield land and historic properties. We have also been recognized for excellence, with the 2003 award for Outstanding Area Wide Plan under the Comprehensive Plan Category by the Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association for our City of Kingston Waterfront Implementation Strategy.


  • Community Profile
  • Inventory and Analysis
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Design Guidelines and Zoning
  • Financing Plan
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Future Use Market Forecast
  • Historic Preservation Plan
  • Interactive Design Charettes
  • Visioning Workshops