Waterfront and Downtown Revitalization

"We take stock of a Town like we take stock of a man. The clothes or appearance are the externals by which we judge." Mark Twain

River Street believes that waterfronts have the power to inspire, and they are key assets in many of our planning initiatives. We "wrote the book" on waterfront planning in New York State, completing two guidebooks for the New York State Department of State's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program including "Making the Most of Your Waterfront" and "Opportunities Waiting to Happen" (http://www.dos.ny.gov/opd/programs/lwrp.html) to assists all New Yorkers to create a vision for waterfront use and to redevelop abandoned buildings as part of an overall vision for their community and waterfronts. Our approach focuses on creating vibrant activity centers, public access, and water commerce while preserving natural resources. River Street's Main Street and downtown work focuses on enhancing authentic and vibrant mixed-use districts that accommodate the needs of visitors, entertainment patrons, students, and residents of all ages and abilities. We have extensive experience working with small towns and villages, university communities, as well as larger cities, helping them to create a sustainable economic future by building on existing assets and market opportunities.

A partial list of our waterfront and downtown revitalization work includes:


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About River Street

River Street Planning & Development, LLC is a NYS Certified Woman Business Enterprise owned by Margaret Irwin, formed in 1997 with offices in Troy, New York. The company employs five staff members and provides services to a diverse group of organizations including Federal, state, county, and municipal governments of all sizes, public agencies, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities, investors and developers in the northeastern United States.  Services offered include public meeting planning and facilitation, focus groups, mediation, economic development, downtown and Main Street revitalization, design and administration of small business support programs, land use planning, zoning, historic preservation, and housing and commercial market analysis. River Street specializes in facilitating community engagement and identifying a consensus vision that can be shared and supported by diverse stakeholders. We offer an effective, outcome-oriented approach that builds consensus and community capacity, strengthens local leadership and shapes community pride and vision –  vital ingredients for successful community action.

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