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Congratulations to our team members at Place Alliance NY for recognition by the Upstate New York American Society of Landscape Architects with a 2018 Merit Award in Planning and Analysis. The award recognizes the Main Street Pocket Park our team designed in Tannersville, NY.  The Hunter Foundation and the Village of Tannersville spearheaded this effort as part of a larger Gooseberry Creek Revitalization Strategy.

"Never underestimate the power of a few concerned citizens to change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

River Street Planning & Development, owned by Margaret Irwin, is a professional planning company that focuses on consensus and capacity building, comprehensive planning, community and economic development and resilience.

Communities surprise us. Great ideas come from unexpected sources. In nearly 30 years as community planners, the River Street team has learned that while people and communities may seem different on the surface, at heart we care about the same things – family, kids, a home, work to pay the bills, faith, health, and a safe community. Our approach to community planning relies on the basic truth that people don't resist their own ideas and creates venues where every voice is heard. We understand how to bring people together, what to do when they are gathered, and how to incorporate their input into shared enthusiasm and a visionary plan. Simply put, to us collaboration is the "silver bullet."

At River Street, we are persistent advocates for action-oriented planning that balances community aspirations to conserve resources with sustainable economic growth through strategies that support vibrant communities while reflecting local values. Our breakthrough plans interpret and translate communities' inspirational ideas into real, physical form. Our approach is asset-based, building on what is unique and successful in a place to establish priorities and stimulate investment. Carefully implemented with deep and continuous public sponsorship, our work results in a clear vision that enables leaders to govern effectively and commit the investment of time, money, land and other resources needed to achieve the outcomes they choose together.

As a NYS Woman Business Enterprise, we partner with a diverse group of communities, organizations, companies and universities at all points in the planning process.


River Street Planning & Development
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About River Street

River Street Planning & Development, LLC is a NYS Certified Woman Business Enterprise owned by Margaret Irwin, formed in 1997 with offices in Troy, New York. The company employs five staff members and provides services to a diverse group of organizations including Federal, state, county, and municipal governments of all sizes, public agencies, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities, investors and developers in the northeastern United States.  Services offered include public meeting planning and facilitation, focus groups, mediation, economic development, downtown and Main Street revitalization, design and administration of small business support programs, land use planning, zoning, historic preservation, and housing and commercial market analysis. River Street specializes in facilitating community engagement and identifying a consensus vision that can be shared and supported by diverse stakeholders. We offer an effective, outcome-oriented approach that builds consensus and community capacity, strengthens local leadership and shapes community pride and vision –  vital ingredients for successful community action.

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